Contributing to the regeneration of our planet and promoting biodiversity

Tackling a global problem

The dangers of mining waste have been widely recognised, but for years the problem has been left ignored. We are cleaning up this hazardous material and transforming it into innovative future-fit products.

Our current operations are focused on coal refuse sites, but we are continuing to develop and expand our processing to tackle waste material from a wider range of industries.

Regenerating our sites

Over 41 million tonnes of industrial waste are currently under management at Corbin.

As we remove the waste material, we are working closely with local communities to restore and regenerate the land and promote sustainable development.


Promoting biodiversity

We have partnered with the Kentucky Department of Wildlife to develop a monarch butterfly habitat at our Corbin site.

Butterflies are good indicators of a healthy environment and are an important part of pollination and natural pest control. The monarch butterfly population has been in decline in recent years, in part caused by a loss of habitat. Initiatives like these are critical in helping to protect the species and improve biodiversity.