Aligning economic growth to environmental and social progress

Responsible growth

Responsible growth sits at the heart of the green economy – a low carbon, resource efficient and inclusive society, where economic progress and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

We are working to support this future, committing to only sourcing our products from waste materials and channeling investment into areas where we see the greatest potential to create a positive impact.

Future-fit carbons

Our technology can be used to create the carbon building blocks for products with important social and environmental benefits, like water and air filtration systems.

These kinds of products will be key to economic and social development beyond 2050, where the properties of Arq powder™ can help deliver an improved level of performance without impacting the environment.

Arq mineral™

Arq mineral™ is our natural soil enhancer that we believe can have a critical role in regenerative agriculture – remineralising the soil and removing COfrom the atmosphere.

It is a secondary product stream, made by recycling excess material from the production Arq powder™ and activated carbon, creating a circular system where nothing is wasted.