Helping industries lower emissions and meet the growing demand for electric

Clean thinking

The need to reduce the world’s carbon emissions is becoming increasingly critical. But demand for energy – at an affordable cost – continues to grow.

Arq powder™ can help to address this problem. It provides industries with a viable source of cleaner energy and acts as a future-fit feedstock product to support the production and scaling of sustainable technologies.

Immediate impact

Arq powder™ provides the shipping industry with a low-cost transition fuel with an improved environmental profile.

It can be blended into traditional bunker fuel to displace harmful oils and reduce emission levels, without compromising on performance. It will provide the industry with an alternative fuel that requires no change to the current supply chain or ship engines.


Proven performance

Following tests with a number of world-leading research institutions and global industry players, the emissions profile and performance level of Arq powder™ has highlighted multiple benefits:


reduction in global warming potential (kg CO2 eq) on a barrel for barrel basis


improved engine combustion efficiency with 10% Arq powder blend vs neat RFO


improvement in overall environmental impacts vs. RFO (barrel for barrel basis)

The future is electric

Graphite is a key component in the production of batteries for electric vehicles. These batteries are made from a mix of synthetic and natural graphite that undergo an intensive treatment process to remove impurities.

Production levels of synthetic graphite will need to increase massively over the next few years to keep pace with demand.

Arq powder™ could prove to be an ideal feedstock. Its low ash content means it would require less intensive treatment, making production safer and cheaper. It would also help to protect our natural graphite sources and reduce the emissions associated with extraction and processing.