Transforming mining waste into high-value advanced carbons

Arq powder™

Arq powder is a new category of hydrocarbon. It is a purified, micro-fine additive that can be used as a blending component in liquid fuels, oils or industrial manufacturing processes and products. It delivers high performance at a low cost, unlocking the value of carbon while reducing the carbon footprint of the world.

Arq Technology™

Our technology separates mineral matter and pure micro-fine hydrocarbons from mining waste. Through a four-stage process, it combines cutting-edge scientific research with a highly efficient mechanical process to create Arq powder.

1. Particle size reduction

Arq Technology™ reduces mining waste into micro-fine particles through a series of milling and grinding steps.

2. Micro-separation

The micro-fine slurry is pumped into water-based separation columns, where the hydrocarbons rise to the top and the mineral impurities fall to the bottom.

3. Drying

The hydrocarbons are dried through a mechanical press to create a wet cake, suitable for processing into advanced carbon products or shipping to an oil terminal for final drying and blending.

4. Blending

The particle size of Arq powder™ means it starts to flow like a liquid, similar to the pigments in ink, dispersing evenly when blended into oil products.

 Industry applications

Arq powdercan be used across a wide range of industries, to improve product performance, lower costs and reduce – or remove – carbon emissions.


Activated carbon


Carbon black