Supporting sustainable growth and the regeneration of our planet

Tackling a global problem

The dangers of industrial waste have been widely recognised by a number of leading NGOs and environmental organisations – including the UN Environment Programme – but for years the problem has been left ignored.

Addressing this challenge is a fundamental part of our business, removing the hazardous material and transforming it into future-fit products.

Land reclamation at Corbin

Over 41 million tonnes of industrial waste are currently under management at Corbin.

As we remove the waste material, we are working closely with local communities to restore and regenerate the land and promote sustainable development.


Our commitments

We always ensure we consider the impact of our processes and products on our surroundings. We are committed to trying to improve wherever we can, supporting the world’s transition towards sustainability, circularity and a net zero future.


Safety and emergency preparedness to minimize any environmental impacts from our day-to-day operations.


Continual improvements to our environmental management process.


Compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and policies at federal state and local levels.


Regular evaluation of the environmental impact of our operations, products and facilities.


Minimizing impacts to properties and restoring those affected by our operations.


Integrating environmental responsibility into business decision-making.


Using innovation and technology to minimize atmospheric emissions and noise.


Promoting safety awareness and environmental policies with everyone.