Supporting global goals and building a sustainable business

Making more from less

We recognise the need to make smarter use of our natural resources and have committed to only sourcing our feedstock from waste materials.

We are also committed to becoming a zero-waste company. All of the mining waste we reclaim is used to create either Arq powder™ or Arq mineral™. Clarified water is the only other output from our process.

Supporting life on land

We are committed to reclaiming and regenerating the land at all of our sites. We have already started replanting the area around Corbin, while working with environmental groups and research institutions to improve biodiversity.

We are also continuing to invest in Arq mineral™, exploring how it can help to remineralise the soil and remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Improving water quality

We are helping to reduce water pollution and improve water treatment solutions. If mining waste builds up in tailings ponds without proper management, hazardous chemicals can easily be absorbed into the water table.

By cleaning up these sites and removing the waste we are helping to mitigate this threat, using this material – processed into Arq powder – to help build more efficient water filtration systems.

Our commitments

We always ensure we consider the impact of our processes and products on our surroundings. We are committed to trying to improve wherever we can, driving the energy transition, tackling a global problem and supporting the green economy.


Safety and emergency preparedness to minimize any environmental impacts from our day-to-day operations.


Continual improvements to our environmental management process.


Compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and policies at federal state and local levels.


Regular evaluation of the environmental impact of our operations, products and facilities.


Minimizing impacts to properties and restoring those affected by our operations.


Integrating environmental responsibility into business decision-making.


Using innovation and technology to minimize atmospheric emissions and noise.


Promoting safety awareness and environmental policies with everyone.