Arq was born out of a new way of thinking and this is fundamental to our culture.

Arq continue to re-define the commercial applications for our unique microfine hydrocarbon product and transformational processes. We work in partnership with the word’s leading researchers to explore new applications to use resources more efficiently for a more sustainable energy future, helping businesses, industry and Governments meet sustainability targets.

Arq Technology Centres

Mineral Processing

Truro, Cornwall UK

Arq has partnered with Grinding Solutions to set up an innovation centre in Truro, Cornwall. At Truro, we are optimising our breakthrough energy technology using a combination of expertise and skills in extractive research, comminution technology and fine particle science.

Quality Assurance & Optimisation

Corbin, Kentucky USA

The Arq laboratory in Corbin Kentucky monitors our plant and product for quality assurance and process optimisation. It is equipped with world class instrumentation and operated by many of the same team who developed the plant.

Blending & Supply Chain

Billingham, County Durham UK

The Arq Technology Centre in Billingham is collocated alongside the facilities of SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Arq’s dedicated research team optimise blending processes to ensure product stability and fungibility across the supply chain.

Arq are currently looking to create a new centre of excellence for innovation, research and product development to expand our programme of advanced products and material sciences research. The UK facility will grow our understanding of the unique properties of Arq Fuel, which we believe has many beneficial applications for the industries of the future, especially focused on non-combustible materials and composites.

UK Research Partnerships

University of Greenwich

The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology
Our research looks at Arq Fuel product handling, particularly from wet-cake to blending. This work has materially influenced the design of our dryer and blending Terminal in St Rose, LA. Research also explores the handling characteristics of the final blended product across the supply chain, focusing on product viscosity and logistics.

University of Manchester

Graphene Engineering & Innovation Centre (GEIC)
Arq, in partnership with the GEIC are exploring non-combustibles applications and future uses for Arq Fuel, alongside their new applications for graphene. GEIC specialises in the rapid development and commercialisation material applications, focusing on the development and of new graphene technologies. Future uses could include batteries, inks, coatings or composite materials.

Imperial College

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Chemistry
We’re researching Arq Fuel molecules, and in particular modelling the shapes, properties and reactions. The team have developed simplified representative molecular models to improve our understanding of how the Arq Fuel and oils interact together. This will provide insight into new chemical interactions between Arq Fuel and oil, optimising performance and helping to identify new applications for Arq Fuel.

University of Nottingham

Advanced Materials Research Group
Research is focussed on using optical microscopy to help assess the potential value of coke and to characterise blended fuels and predict their combustion performance. Their research also helps to design the formulations needed to create higher value coke

International Research Partnerships

Western Research Institute (WRI)

Asphalt and Petroleum Technology (APT)

WRI’s Asphalt and Petroleum Technology (APT) group is a leader in hydrocarbon research. The group has several decades of experience leading research projects to characterize, diagnose and predict properties and performance, and thermal processing of heavy oils.

University of North Dakota

The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC)

The EERC is one of the world’s leading developers of cleaner, more efficient energy sources and environmental technologies. It has compared the combustion performance of Arq Fuel and the lower associated emissions against standard RFO.