Exploring new ways to support a sustainable future

Cutting-edge innovation

Arq recognises that change requires a new way of thinking. Our culture of innovation and our commitment to scientific research mean we are continuing to push the boundaries of what our technology can deliver.

Through our R+D programme, we are unlocking new ways to apply our technology to different industries and tackle further environmental challenges.

Research partnerships

We are continuing to develop the commercial applications for our products, working in partnership with the world’s leading research institutions to achieve our vision.

University of Alberta

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University of Manchester

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Imperial College

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The University of Kentucky

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Western Research Institute (WRI)

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University of North Dakota

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Arq Technology centres

These research centres help improve the efficiency of our process and explore its future applications, bringing its benefits to a range of different industries.

Mineral Processing

Truro, Cornwall, UK

Arq has set up an innovation centre in Truro, Cornwall. Here, we are optimising our technology using a combination of expertise and skills in extractive research, comminution technology and fine particle science.

Quality Assurance & Optimisation

Corbin, Kentucky, USA

The Arq laboratory in Corbin Kentucky monitors our plant and product for quality assurance and process optimisation. It is equipped with world class instrumentation and operated by many of the same team who developed the plant.

Blending & Supply Chain

Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, UK

Arq’s operations in Middlesbrough run alongside some of the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies. Our dedicated research team optimise blending processes to ensure product stability and fungibility across the supply chain.