Creating future-fit products from mining waste

Driving change

Arq transforms mining waste into high-value, advanced carbons and specialty chemical products.

These low-cost additives provide the transformative building blocks required by governments and industries to promote sustainable economies and achieve our environmental targets.

Arq TechnologyTM

Arq’s innovative technology combines cutting-edge scientific research with a highly efficient mechanical process that separates mineral matter and pure micro-fine hydrocarbons from mining waste.

1. Particle size reduction

Arq Technology™ reduces mining waste into micro-fine particles through a series of milling and grinding steps.

2. Micro-separation

The micro-fine slurry is then pumped into water-based separation columns, where the hydrocarbons rise to the top and the mineral impurities fall to the bottom.

3. Drying

The hydrocarbons are then dried through a mechanical press to create a wet cake, suitable for processing into advanced carbon products or shipping to an oil terminal for final drying and blending.

4. Blending with oil products

When Arq powder™ is blended with residual oil or crude oil, the particles are so small that they disperse evenly and start to flow like a liquid, similar to pigments in ink.

Arq powderTM

A 99% pure, micro-fine hydrocarbon that displaces 10-30% of conventional hydrocarbons when blended with oil products, improving performance and reducing emission levels. It can also be used to create high performing substitutes in advanced carbon markets.

Arq mineralTM

A unique combination of micro and macro nutrients, with a physical structure that may play an important role in regenerative agriculture. Arq is currently investigating how, when added to soil, it improves microbe biodiversity, root growth, crop yield and nutritional content and the sequestration of CO2.

Future-fit products

Our product development pipeline is closely aligned to global transition targets, creating a viable path towards sustainability, circularity and a net zero future.

Disruptive application of patented technology

Arq’s products enable access to large and diverse high-margin markets.


Arq powder™ can be blended in the Delayed Coker Process to enable higher refinery throughput rates, generate extra liquid yields and improve the quality and value of products. It can also transform the morphology of low-grade shot coke to higher value products such as needle and sponge coke.


Arq marine™ is a micro-fine, purified hydrocarbon product for blending with bunker fuel that provides the shipping industry with a low cost transition fuel to meet IMO 2020 legislation.


The physical properties of composite materials can be transformed when Arq powder™ is added, increasing the strength, versatility and durability of the products.


Arq fuel oil™ can be blended with Residual Fuel Oil to help utility markets reduce their environmental footprint. Arq fuel oil™ delivers over 40% improvement in environmental impact vs. Residual Fuel Oil, on a barrel-for-barrel basis.

Carbon black

Arq powder™ can be used as a purer source material for the production of Carbon Black, reducing the environmental impact of producing high-grade rubber additives, pigments, filters and conductive components.

Activated carbon

Arq powder™ can be used as a low cost and sustainable source for the production of Activated Carbon. Current methods of extraction and production are inefficient and expensive.


Arq powder™ can be used in the manufacturing of batteries for EV's and other industrial applications, such as steel and aluminium production. Arq powder™ helps reduce costs and has the potential to improve product performance.


Arq mineral™ contains a unique combination of micro and macro nutrients, with a physical structure that has the potential to improve microbe biodiversity, root growth, crop yield and nutritional content and the sequestration of CO2.