Patented technology that creates value from waste material

Arq TechnologyTM

Our highly efficient mechanical process separates mineral matter and pure micro-fine hydrocarbons from industrial waste. We take nothing new out of the earth and are committed to the regeneration of all of our sites.

1. Particle size reduction

Arq Technology reduces mining waste into micro-fine particles through a series of milling and grinding steps.

2. Micro-separation

The microfine slurry is then pumped into water-based separation columns, where the hydrocarbons rise to the top and the mineral impurities fall to the bottom.

3. Drying

The 99% pure hydrocarbons are then dried through a mechanical press to create a wet cake suitable for processing into advanced carbon products or shipping to an oil terminal for final drying and blending.

4. Blending with oil products

Similar to pigments in ink, when Arq powder is blended with residual oil or crude oil, the particles are so small that they disperse evenly and start to flow like a liquid.

Exploring new industries

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Arq Technology Centres

Mineral Processing

Truro, Cornwall UK

Arq has partnered with Grinding Solutions to set up an innovation centre in Truro, Cornwall. At Truro, we are optimising our breakthrough energy technology using a combination of expertise and skills in extractive research, comminution technology and fine particle science.

Quality Assurance & Optimisation

Corbin, Kentucky USA

The Arq Laboratory in Corbin Kentucky constantly monitors our plant and product for quality assurance and process optimisation. It is operated by many of the same team who created the Corbin plant and is equipped with world class instrumentation and people.

Blending & Supply Chain

Billingham, County Durham UK

The Arq Technology Centre in Billingham is collocated alongside the facilities of SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Arq’s dedicated research team optimise blending processes to ensure product stability and fungibility across the supply chain.