Primed for growth and positioned to enter global markets

Processing plant: Corbin (KY)

Our processing plant is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. We have designed and tested a full manufacturing process, reimagining and repurposing equipment from existing industries. The size and scale of the plant means we are able to process over 100,000 tonnes of mining waste a year.


Research facility: Corbin (KY)

Our new research facility (ARF) is located next to the main production plant at Corbin, designed for the drying and blending of Arq powder into oil products. The facility will be used to produce different blends of Arq powder™ for customer trials and low volume specialty opportunities. It will also serve as an operator training facility for managers to learn about the system’s processes and operating environment.


Expansion plans

We have further plans to develop significantly larger scale facilities in Asia, Europe and the U.S. These full-scale operations will reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies. Our ‘hub-and-spoke’ approach will create smaller facilities (spokes) for initial separating, milling and pelletizing at the waste sites, and leave the larger centralized facilities (hubs) for micro-milling, separation, drying and product blending.



We have agreed a number of strategic partnerships across the business to support our growth plans. Through these partnerships, we leverage the global scale and infrastructure of major industry players and create supply-and-demand stability for our operations.

Mitsubishi provides Arq with a direct entry point into Japan, one of the largest importers of commodities and energy consumers in the world. An early strategic investor, the partnership capitalises on Mitsubishi’s relationships and expertise across commodities, trading and EPC sectors.

Vitol offers Arq immediate access to its global customer network. As our exclusive marketing partner, Vitol will blend Arq powder™ into fuel oil and crude oil for its refineries, as well as selling Arq powder™ as a low-cost blending component. Vitol has been involved in engaging with customers for our initial product as well as establishing the certification and customer acceptance of Arq powder™.

Peabody acts as Arq's supply-side partner, providing high-quality feedstock that meets target specification. The company’s global presence helps to extend our own geographic reach and will enable us to capitalise on economies of scale. It also supports our own teams in identifying the best site locations for future plants, including the initial feasibility work.

Oslo-listed Hafnia (subsidiary of BW Group) entered into a strategic MOU in 2020 ahead of a detailed Technical Cooperation Agreement (TCA) that was signed in May 2021. This partnership provides industry-leading technical expertise in marine fuel and exposure to one of the world’s largest fleets, managing supply to ~450 vessels.