Arq moves closer to launching a new fuel to reduce shipping’s environmental footprint

December 2021 London, UK Arq has successfully completed a milestone test of their marine blend bunker fuel at VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland.

At VTT, a traditional VLSFO bunker fuel was compared with a blend of the same fuel with 10% Arq powder by mass. VTT tested both fuels using a Wartsila Vasa medium speed engine installed in their research centre.

Arq powder™ is a purified, micro-fine hydrocarbon additive sourced directly from mining waste. It can be used as a blending component in liquid fuels, oils or industrial manufacturing processes and products. It delivers high performance at a low cost, unlocking the value of energy from waste.

This VTT trial has demonstrated that the Arq fuel blend successfully passed through the entire fuel treatment system including filters, pumps, centrifuges, and injectors, without any issues or modifications.

The combustion and emission performance was measured over fifteen hours using a medium speed Wartsila engine with four prescribed engine loads. The results were encouraging and in line with industry norms. Importantly, the exhaust gas temperatures, which are a key indicator of combustion quality and engine condition, showed that the Arq fuel performs better than VLSFO bunker fuel with more efficient combustion and comparable emissions.

Overall, Arq’s marine fuel development programme remains on track with upcoming engine durability and ship trials in 2022.

Arq is committed to tackling the world’s environmental challenges by rethinking and transforming mining waste into valuable, high-performing additives that can drive the energy transition and support the green economy. Arq help their customers work toward sustainability, circularity and a net-zero future.