‘Arq Technology Centre’ opens in the historic mining county of Cornwall (UK)

Energy technology company Arq benefits from Cornish mining expertise

One of the UK’s most talked about and disruptive energy start-ups, Arq, has committed to invest in a new technology and innovation centre near the historic Stannary city of Truro, Cornwall. Arq has selected Grinding Solutions to leverage its extractive innovation, comminution technology and fine particle science.

Cornwall has a rich history of exporting valuable mining technology and mineral processing skills across the globe and is home to the world-renowned Camborne School of Mines. Cornwall continues to shape and influence the global mining industry with over 90 mining technology companies operating in the county and is also seeing a resurgence in mining activity. For the first time, Arq will be transferring metallurgical hard rock mining knowhow and applying it to coals and fuels. Although these sectors have suffered from a dearth of investment in recent years, Cornwall retains a deep knowledge and intellectual capital rooted in its people and the community which Arq will use to bring new impetus to the coal industry, globally.

Arq will apply the cross functional use of long-standing minerals processing capabilities to optimise its own breakthrough energy technology which transforms the discard produced by coal mines into a new source of low cost energy. This novel process, Arq Technology™, involves the reclamation of extracted materials from coal mining underflow or legacy discard and then grinding it down to particles of 5 microns or less which can then be separated into over 99% pure hydrocarbons and inorganic material (ash). This microfine hydrocarbon (Arq Fuel™) is far more valuable than traditional coal because it can contain less than 1% ash and almost no water.  This increase in value has the potential to change the face of the coal business across the world. It’s not the first time the Cornish will have pioneered innovative new technologies. Many of their inventions are now commonplace in mining communities and have played a measurable part in growing international economies worldwide.

Arq have partnered with a local company Grinding Solutions, the leading fine mineral processing company, to develop and manage the Arq Technology Centre which has additional scope for future expansion. Through its thought leadership and innovative culture Grinding Solutions attracts the best people internationally to work on fine particle sciences, which is why they were a natural partner for Arq. This further strengthens and supports Arq’s existing new products R&D facility, based in Billingham County Durham, the UK’s knowledge centre for chemicals processing and refining.

Julian McIntyre, Arq CEO “By establishing the Arq Technology Centre we have further enhanced our incredible strength in petroleum and coal chemistry with world class understanding of mineral processing and fine particle management to bridge these two great industries together.”  

Nick Wilshaw, Grinding Solutions MD “Arq is changing the outlook of the global energy industry. We are excited to partner with industry leaders from technology, science and energy at Arq and contribute our expertise and experience to make better use of the world’s resources.”

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