Arq host Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet team at Corbin, KY

Arq receive broad support from both local and federal agencies as they showcase their transformative technology

Arq were delighted to host Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Goodman and her team from the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet. They were joined by Professor Mark Williams, chair of the Department of Horticulture in the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

The tour of Arq plant operations in Corbin KY, allowed visitors to learn more about the unique process by which Arq separates pure hydrocarbons and mineral matter from coal waste. This is Arq’s first industrial-scale plant which will produce over fifty thousand tonnes of mineral feedstock for regenerative agriculture, Arq mineral, as well as over one hundred thousand tonnes of microfine hydrocarbon, Arq powder.

The company is committed to tackling the world’s environmental challenges by rethinking and transforming mining waste into valuable, high-performing additives that help their customers work toward sustainability, circularity and a net-zero future.

Bill West, President Arq said,

“The team at Arq were excited to host such enthusiastic visitors. We believe that Arq will change the way the world recovers and reuses mining and waste, cleaning up environmental hazards to create a sustainable future and contributing to the regeneration of our planet.”

“The close working relationship we are building with the Cabinet offices of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, alongside the support that we have recently received from the USDA, encourages all of us to ensure that our product development pipeline remains closely aligned to global, national and local transition targets, creating a viable path towards sustainability.”

Professor Mark Williams, chair of the Department of Horticulture in the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment said,

“I’m excited to be working with Arq because its mission is completely in line with our departmental mission of developing science-based recommendations and guidelines to help guide decision-making to make agriculture as sustainable as possible. We’re very interested in closing waste streams and recycling them back into agriculture to make the system more sustainable.”

Back Row left to right: UK Farm Manager, Steve Divers; UK Director of Government Relations, Christopher Crumrine; Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, David Fields; Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet, John Lyons; Executive Director of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, Barry Mayfield; Professor and Chair, Department of Horticulture, Director; UK Organic Farming Unit, Mark Williams; Arq -Corbin General Manager, Verlin Robinson

Front row left to right: Arq -US Operations Manager, CK Lane; Cabinet Secretary, Rebecca Goodman; Executive Advisor, Anne Marie Franklin; Environmental Consultant Kari Johnson, Arq -VP of Sustainability, Allison Flynn