First trees planted at the Arq site in Corbin KY

Arq grateful to Nathan Doneghy Landscaping Design for the donation of native Kentucky trees to help rehabilitate Corbin

July 2021Lexington KY – Arq have been working with Nathan Doneghy Landscaping Design in London KY, to plant the very first trees that will benefit from Arq’s mineral soil enhancer. Nathan Doneghy has donated a selection of large native trees from Kentucky including maples, oaks, sycamore and birch, as well as fruit trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses.

These plants will form the basis of Arq’s first plot of rehabilitated land on their site in Corbin Kentucky, a former coal prep plant of US Steel. The team at Corbin will be monitoring the growth of these native plants and measuring the beneficial effects of Arq mineral, a low-cost mineral nutrient for depleted soils.

Arq sources its minerals directly from the coal waste at Corbin, which Arq views as a geo-stockpile of valuable nutrients, containing the natural by-products of trees and animal decomposition.

Through continues efforts of the Arq team and the generosity of Nathan Doneghy Landscaping Design, Arq hope to evidence through demonstration, the profound benefits of their mineral additive in rehabilitating and reclaiming lands abandoned by mining, as well as in forestry, grassland restoration and agriculture.

The data collected to date indicates that the addition of Arq mineral, alongside regenerative farming practices, could lead to a healthier microbiome and increased populations of beneficial microbes. Other benefits that the Arq team are looking to measure are any increases in the water holding capacity in sandy and spent soils, improved pH buffering capacity, higher yields and improved nutritional values.

This is just one of multiple ongoing research and development projects instigated to research which ‘blend component’ will work best across different depleted soil conditions.

Allison Flynn, Head of Sustainability at Arq said, “We are very grateful to Nathan and his team for all their continued support in establishing our first plantation at the Corbin site. These trees will be tended by our team and most importantly, will benefit from the combination of minerals and nutrients that we are able to produce that the Arq plant”.